Aamcho Laadi Rajneesh Puram

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Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself and my team. I Rajneesh Panikar along with my wife Urmila and subordinate Rajshri Bais have started "Soil of Tribal Origin". Since, 2007 SOTO is dedicated in providing services in the form of Homestay and Tribal Tourism, where our prime focus is on Bastar and its rich culture. We host our clients in Aamcho Laadi where traditional tribal food and a village stay can be experienced. A glimpse into the lives of local tribes can be an opportunity for you to understand how these tribes are living in bastar for more than a century. For more information one can contact us on - +919131516745 +919406286850

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aamcho laadi rajneesh puram, null, Darbha, Bastar, Chhattisgarh, 494115

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