Bronze Awardees

Chandlapur Village, Telangana

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Chandlapur has been recognized as Best Tourism Village 2023 in Bronze category.
Chandlapur stands as a living testament to the timeless art of handloom weaving and this enchanting village is a treasure trove of intricate craftsmanship and cultural heritage.

Chandlapur's theme is a symphony of threads and traditions, where every weave tells a story. At its heart lies the exquisite Gollabama Sarees, a testament to the villagers' unwavering dedication to preserving ancient weaving techniques.

Village mesmerizes by its rhythmic clatter of looms, the skilled hands of local artisans, and the vibrant hues of their creations. Beyond the looms, the village also boasts a variety of attractions, from the historic Ranganayakaswami Temple to the tranquil Ranganayaka Sagar Reservoir.

Chandlapur actively participates in the Telangana Harita Haram initiative, passionately engaging in plantation drives and composting to enhance greenery and combat environmental pollution.


Chandlapur, a village located at a latitude of 17.72692 and a longitude of 78.00892, is renowned for its rich heritage of producing intricate handlooms, particularly Gollabama Sarees. Weaving has become the primary occupation of many villagers, with these exquisite sarees finding recognition both nationally and internationally. The village boasts a cultural legacy rooted in the traditional art of handloom weaving, preserving ancient techniques and utilizing traditional materials.


The primary theme of tourism in Chandlapur is centered around promoting and showcasing its exceptional Handloom Craftsmanship, with a particular focus on Gollabama Sarees.


1. Ranganayakaswami Temple

2. Ranganayaka Sagar Reservoir

3. Komati Cheruvu Lake

4. Sri Vidya Saraswati Temple

5. Cheriyal Paintings


● Promotion of Handloom Weaving: The village actively promotes and conserves its traditional handloom weaving techniques, with a particular emphasis on Gollabama Sarees.

● Development of Ranganayaka Sagar Reservoir: Chandlapur, in cooperation with the Telangana Tourism Department, is developing the Ranganayaka Sagar Reservoir as a significant tourism destination.

● Environmental Conservation: Chandlapur participates in the Telangana Harita Haram initiative, focusing on increasing greenery and reducing environmental pollution through plantation drives and composting.


● Economic Growth: The tourism ecosystem built around handloom weaving and cultural attractions has contributed to economic growth, generating income for local artisans and service providers.

● Employment: The tourism sector has provided both direct and indirect employment opportunities, benefitting the local community, including weavers, craftsmen, and service providers.

● Cultural Preservation: Initiatives to promote handloom weaving have helped preserve and promote the village's cultural heritage, ensuring the continuity of traditional crafts.

● Environmental Conservation: Measures to ban single-use plastic, increase greenery, and promote sustainable practices have contributed to environmental conservation and awareness.