Bronze Awardees

Cotigao Village, Goa

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Cotigao has been recognized as Best Tourism Village 2023 in Bronze category.
Cotigao, a village steeped in five centuries of history, a living Eden unfolds. Cotigao, cradled by the Goa Forest Department, is a biodiversity treasure trove.

The village transcends wildlife; it embodies harmonious synergy with its land. 'Bharad Farming' weaves tradition into its topography. Sacred groves guard its heritage.

Cotigao's cultural wealth shines through the ancient Shishirani festival and the venerable Kasmakade, where pivotal decisions resonate. Lokotsav, a celebration of tribal life and Mhadei's bounty amplifies its cultural commitment.

Cotigao merges nature and tradition, where the past whispers to the future. Its diverse fauna mirrors the resilient spirit of its people. A village that beckons as a sanctuary for wildlife and a testament to humanity's coexistence with nature.


Cotigao village is located in Canacona taluka of South Goa district in Goa, India. It is situated 23km away from sub-district headquarter Canacona (tehsildar office) and 60km away from district headquarter Margao. Cotigao village is also a gram panchayat. Situated within Cotigao Forest Reserve, the village falls under the protection of the Goa Forest department.

The village has the population of 3,28, with accommodation facility the village provides in the name of “The Earthern Nest” consist of 6 rooms and 12 beds. The USP of the village are Black (melanistic) Leopard, Sloth Bear, Painted Bat, etc.


Tribal Culture and Heritage and Natural Attraction (The village concentrate on the tribal culture and promote it for employment generation and earning with those natural resources like Cotigao Santuary, Kuskem Waterfall, Butterfly parks are also added. Jaggery production is one of the major activities of the locals.)


1. Shri. Mallikarjun Temple, Kuskem

2. Kasmakade, Badem

3. Shri, Mallikarjun Temple, Avem.

4. Butterfly Park.

5. Kuskem Waterfalls.


1. The government regulations in Goa forbid commercial constructions, agricultural and conversion, and forest land changes to safeguard the natural environment for future generations.

2. Achieving 100% solid waste management through door-to-door collection and constructing a Material Recovery Facility and ensuring access to clean water and sanitation.

3. Ban of single use plastic and ensuring individual household toilets under Swachh Bharat Mission-Gramin.

4. The village joined Goa Tourism Department’s “Tourist Village Development Scheme, 2021”. They’re setting up a tribal market (Lokotsav event) to spotlight local product.

5. Promoting MSME’s like Jaggery Making and Bamboo handicrafts which employs women from Self Help Groups.

6. With the “Tourist Development Scheme 2021”, create proposal for infrastructure enhancement. This initiative is designed to bolster the local economy and tourism sector.

7. The panchayat has established “Disaster Management Schemes” to prepare for potential calamities during the monsoon season.

8. Village unite for traditional jaggery production, involving women’s SHG commercially and villagers uphold traditions, collective involvement in vital decisions continues.


1. Annually, during the Lokotsav event, the village sees numerous participants. This platform allows them to showcase tribal lifestyle, arts, and vend local produce from the Mhadei wildlife region.

2. The village aims to collaborate with the Goa Tourism Department by enlisting homestays and receiving training through the Tourist Guide Scheme.

3. The panchayat's Vision Document embraces SDGs, promoting sustainability and global goals and Tribal Welfare Schemes target 97% tribal population, fostering community development.

4. To conserve they still celebrate their famous Shisshirani festivals which is more than 2 centuries old and Kasmakade (Centuries-old hub for major village decisions).

5. Proposed tribal market reduces reliance on distant Canacona market (20km).

6. NABARD supported women entrepreneurship to empower village market, showcasing dedication to inclusive economic growth.

7. The implementation of policies such as Homestay and Tourist Guide schemes will contribute to increased revenue for the village.