Culture Aanagn

- Description

Culture Aangan is committed to grassroots development projects in the fields of Rural Agri-community tourism, the revival of traditional art and culture, and education. There efforts are focused on sustaining economic development while maintaining the culture, history, and traditions of the local population and their environment.

Culture Aangan is the tourism pvt ltd was formed under the company’s act in 2010. Their mission is to promote Agri - Rural Tourism, if developed in a sustainable manner it will create new job opportunities, controls the migration of youth from rural India to urban India in search of livelihood. If much more such village destinations are created for urban traveller, it will promote the conservation of rural biodiversity and cultural traditions for future generation.

One such Village Diaries of Culture Aangan is Chitari. The literal translation of Chitari is one who creates with her/his own hands. This tour will take you into the villages of Konkan; coastal district of Maharashtra bordering Goa. This tour will allow traveller to interact with each one of these Chitari and exchange laughter and stories as they go about their life.

Here any travel enthusiast can Experience paddy farming, Experience the buzz in the bazaars, Experience the warmth of an Indian home, aimless cycling, the culinary trail, silvery beach walks and one can catch own fish and also, Experience the village fun.