Gold Awardees

Dawar, Jammu and Kashmir

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Dawar, the Abode of Dards and Shins, has been recognized as Best Tourism Village 2023 in Gold category.

Nestled within the heart of the enchanting Gurez valley lies Dawar, a charming hamlet inhabited by the Shina people. It offers a picturesque view of the Habba Khatoon Mountain and Krishna Ganga River.

Dawar, in its quietude, shares its history with the ancient Silk Route. Dawar depicts its timeless artistry through its traditional handicraft Pattu and Gurezi chadar.
Dawar beckons to travelers with countless cravings like seeking solace, equanimity, trill or adrenaline rush.

Campaigns like ‘Go Gurez Campaign’ and Gurez Festival have been initiated to conserve the culture and enhance the tourist’s footfall, exposing more tourists to the hidden gem that is Dawar.


Dawar village is located in Gurez tehsil of Bandipore district in Jammu & Kashmir, India. It is situated 17km away from sub-district headquarter Gurez (tehsildar office) and 85km away from district headquarter Bandipora.

The total population of the village is 4253, the domestic annual tourist inflow of year 2022 is 30595. The total number of available accommodation 120 double occupancy rooms and types of guesthouse/homestays, hotels and government facilities.


Eco, Rural and Border Tourism (The village concentrate in promoting the village as eco-tourism destination such as exotic Himalayan Medicinals herbs, organic produce.)

  • 1. Habba Khatoon Peak

  • 2. Dak Bungalow Markoot

  • 3. Krishnaganga River


1. Promotion of indigenous wooden log house, constructing and retrofitting log house, preserving traditional architectural heritage and unique identity.

2. Promotes ecological awareness and conservation. Promotes exotic medicinal plants and creates economic opportunities.

3. Empowerslocal entrepreneurs, particularly women, by creating avenuesfor economic self-sufficiency and preserving traditional crafts.

4. CelebratingDardic Shin culture,the festival showcaseslocaltraditions and cultivates a sense of pride and responsibility in cultural preservation.

5. Initiativestaken by village for environmental Sustainability through preservation and conservation of naturalresources such as National Forest Policy and J&K Forest Act.

6. Villagers are also taking part in conservation of forest and increase tree cover; they develop and implement sustainable forest management standards.

7. Banning of plastic carry bags in J&K and waste management.

8. Business support loans available through J&K schemes for hotels, guest houses, and entrepreneurship with financial assistance for tourism service providers endorsed by government of India and administration for overseas market promotion.

9. Central financial assistance of up 50% for IT projects to enhance tourist information, facilitation, marketing and publicity.

10. Homestay policy and SMS Schemes incentivizes the rural population to develop homestays, fostering income generation.

11. A tourist reception center has been established to facilitate the stay of tourists.

12. Mega sports festivals 2022 and District Wushu Championship Bandipore, organized by Wushu Association of Bandipore under the aegis of Wushu Association of J&K and J&K Sports council, was conducted at Dawar wherein 290 boys and girls of different age groups from Gurez valley had taken part in the tournament.


1. J&K Non-Biodegradable Material Act 2007 (Regulates non-biodegradable martials in Jammu & Kashmir and power conferred to J&K Pollution Control Board.

2. Panchayat collaborate for domestic waste disposal and indigenously developed sewage systems in residential areas.

3. Rural tourism significantly contributes to Dawar’s economy, fostering growth and development and tourism revenue directly supports local businesses and livelihoods, boosting economic sustainability.

4. Central financial assistance empowers locals to leverage IT for entrepreneurial pursuits and enhance the tourism experience.

5. The homestay scheme financially assists hotel projects across categories and provide training for service providers and guides.

6. SMS schemes facilitate business growth, enabling locals to venture into areas like fisheries equipment, adventure gear shops and more.