Kakstet, Ladakh

Kakstet is a small village located in the Changthang region of Ladakh, India. It is situated on the eastern shore of Pangong Lake, at an altitude of 4250 meters. The village is home to Changpa nomads.

The Changpas are a semi-nomadic people who have been living in the Ladakhi highlands for centuries. They are known for their expertise in yak herding and their ability to survive in the harsh conditions of the high desert.

Tourists come to the village to enjoy the stunning scenery of Pangong Lake and to experience the unique culture of the Changpas.

The villagers also offer a variety of activities such as yak safaris, camping trips, and cultural tours.

13,940 ft
Nearest Airport
The nearest airport to Kakstet village is the Leh Airport.
Nearest Roadway
Kakstet village is well-connected by road to Leh and other major towns in Ladakh. There are regular buses from Leh to Kakstet village.

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