Silver Awardees

Kalpeni Village, Lakshadweep

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Kalpeni, an island on the coral paradise, has been recognized as the Best Tourism Village 2023 in Silver Category.

Kalpeni bestows the symphony of time-honoured traditions and the exotic marine world to the tourists. It’s Clean beaches, shallow lagoons and rich coral cover is always a thrill-seekers delight.

Kalpeni’s Muhiyidheen Pally and Ujra Pally are the sanctuaries of spirituality and repositories of heritage unveiling the artistic treasure of the island.
Kalpeni focuses on the High Value, Low Volume tourism aiming for the eco-friendly tourism practices.


Kalpeni island is a village in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep which is popularly known as coral paradise. Endowed with the best gift of natural and scenic beauty, Kalpeni Island is a perfect blend of traditional culture and exotic marine life offering a plethora of adventurous watersports activities.

The village has the population of 4419 and the types of accommodation it has are Beach resorts and government guest house. Total no. of available accommodation is 2, number of Beds is 39 beds including 11 beds in 2 dormitories.


Natural Resource (Kalpeni island is blessed with clear lagoons and Coral systems ideal for water sports.)


1. Uninhabited islets of Cheriyam

2. Pitti &Thilakkam


1. Promotion of eco-friendly tourism practices for protection of environment and preservation of culture.

2. Promotion of local arts, culture, cuisine and handicraft items through tourism.

3. Engagement of Women SHGs for sale of souvenirs.

4. Promotion of 100% organic and eco-friendly tourism practices.

5. Promotion of low impact eco-adventure activities like kayaking, snorkeling and turtle watching.

6. Ban and prevention on use of single use plastics and bottles and Strict ban of taking back corals and marine life species.

7. Conduct of environment monitoring programs and EIA studies.

8. Engagement of local youth for guiding, watersports and travel services and engaging local Women Self Help Groups for sale of souvenirs.

9. Training and engagement of local youth for providing travel related services and conducting watersports activities.


1. Gradual opening up of the Islands cluster to public, private & PPP mode of investments.

2. Local dance troupes for Folk dance performances during tourist visits.

3. Employment generation by participation of villagers in tourism related activity.