Gold Awardees

Kanthalloor, Kerala

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Kanthalloor, the Fruit Bowl of Kerala, has been recognized as Best Tourism Village 2023 in Gold category.

Kanthalloor is a Quaint and laidback Village located in the Western Ghats of India It is known for the array of fruits the are no-where to found in any other part of Kerala.

The Kerala Tourism Responsible Tourism Mission, in synergy with the vibrant Kanthalloor Tourism Fest, has ingeniously harnessed the untapped stream of potential guests through the innovative and captivating PEPPER and STREET Projects and propagate the Responsible and sustainable tourism practices.


Quaint and laidback village located in the western ghats of India, also known as Fruit Bowl of Kerela. The village is very close to the world-famous tourism destination Munnar.

The population of the village according to the 2011 census is 10963, a current tourist inflow of the village is (Domestic – 1072261 and International 7059). The accommodation facilities are Homestay – 150 units, Farm Tourism Unit – 60 units, Resorts – 25 units, Lodges – 20 units.


Agri Tourism (The village is known as the fruit bowl of Kerela. The Agri Street and Fruit Street focused on Agri Cultural activities and which are linked with Tourism.)


1. Megalithic Muniyaras (dolmens)

2. Pattisseri Dam

3. Kulachivayal rocks

4. Keezhanthoor waterfalls

5. Irachilppara waterfalls and

6. The cave temple of Sri Rama


1. Awareness and monitoring are being done continuously by the Panchayat and other experienced organizations.

2. The Agri Street and Fruit STREET focused on Agri Cultural activities and which are linked with Tourism.

3. Ensured by community participation for cleaning and Waste Management of the STREETs.

4. Initiates various tourism promotion activities to improve the inflow of tourists project the cultural and natural resources.

5. Categorized vehicles for hire with a unique sticker in the name of Green Tourism. These vehicles are approved by the LSGD and provides an assurance to guests.

6. With the help of Haritha Karma Sena, the village has planned the beautification of village by planting trees beside the roads and its maintenance with the help of MGNREGA and PWD.

7. Initiated a project in the name of “Green Tourism” to recognize tourist hire vehicles by stickering unique identification number.

8. Setup public toilets and feeding room for Public as well as tourists.

9. Conducted a Tourism Fest named Kanthalloor Tourism Fest in April (duration of 10 days from April 17th to 25th) with media publicity to capture the potential flow of guests.


1. Agriculture and Tourism are the backbone of this village.

2. The monitoring section planned to keep in check the licensing system for resorts and homestays.

3. Initiates projects such as Green Check Post, operated by Haritha Karma Sena which helps to reduce the use of Plastics.

4. Plan to erect a Green Arch at the Entrance of Kanthalloor at Kovilkadavu (Work in progress stage) to attract tourists.

5. Under the guidance of Responsible Tourism Mission, experienced people with domain expertise from all walks of life in this village volunteered awareness classes.

6. Promotes tourism opportunities by connecting Kanthalloor Resorts and Homestay association.

7. Awareness about the spot through green check post, which acts as an information centre to the public.