Kerey, Ladakh

Kerey is a medium-sized village in the Nyoma tehsil of Leh district in the Indian union territory of Ladakh. The village is located at an elevation of 5,488 meters, making it one of the highest villages in India.

Kerey is a remote village, located about 110 kilometres from Leh, the district headquarters.

Kerey is a traditional Ladakhi village, with many mud-brick houses and Buddhist temples. The villagers are primarily engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. The village is known for its high-altitude crops, such as barley, wheat, and buckwheat. The villagers also raise sheep, goats, and yaks.

The village is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and high-altitude lakes. The villagers are known for their hospitality and warm welcome.

18,005 ft
Nearest Airport
The nearest airport to Kerey village is Leh Airport (IXL).
Nearest Roadway
The village is accessible by road, but the road is unpaved and can be difficult to navigate, especially during the winter months.

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