Bronze Awardees

Kitam Village, Sikkim

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Kitam has been recognized as Best Tourism Village 2023 in Bronze category.
Kitam is a vibrant tapestry of culture and nature, waiting to be explored.
This village is a treasure trove of diverse tourism experiences.

Kitam's theme is a symphony of Sustainable Tourism, where every journey is an authentic adventure intertwined with environmental preservation, community engagement, and the celebration of the unique Gorkha ethnic culture.

What truly sets Kitam apart are its initiatives. The village embraces a benefit-sharing tourism model that directly involves the local community.

It's recognized Ecotourism Zone, actively engaged in training, festivals like the Kitam Ecotourism Festival, and empowering Women Self-Help Groups (SHGs). Guides, artisans, and organic farmers thrive here, shaping a sustainable future.


Kitam is a vibrant village located in a scenic part of South and West Sikkim, India. It boasts a population of 1,399 residents and is situated at the geographic coordinates of approximately 27.122872 latitude and 88.350682 longitude. Kitam is renowned for its diverse tourism offerings, including Village Tourism, Ecotourism, Bird Tourism, Butterfly Tourism and Adventure Tourism. This village has a rich cultural heritage and a lush natural landscape, making it an attractive destination for travelers seeking a unique experience.


Kitam's theme centers around Sustainable Tourism. The village is committed to offering authentic experiences to visitors while maintaining a strong focus on environmental conservation, community involvement, and the promotion of its unique Gorkha ethnic culture.


● Kitam Bird Sanctuary:

● Siddheshwar Dhaam/Chaardham

● Buddha Park

● Tareybhir: An ideal spot for nature lovers offering breathtaking vistas.

● Guru Padhmasambhav Statue


● The village follows a benefit-sharing tourism model that directly involves the local community in tourism activities.

● Ecotourism: Recognized as an Ecotourism Zone by the Government of Sikkim.

● The village has been actively involved in training and capacity building, recognized by the State Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj, Govt. of Sikkim.

● Regularly organized festivals, such as the Kitam Ecotourism Festival, showcase ethnic culture and cuisines.

● Women Self-Help Groups (SHGs) play a significant role in tourism, running homestays and engaging in micro and cottage industries.

● Guides, artisans, traditional healers, and organic farmers receive training and generate income through tourism-related activities.


● Economic Contribution: Tourism has led to economic growth, with revenue generated from homestays, guiding services, handicrafts, and organic produce benefiting the local community.

● Women's Empowerment: Women are actively engaged in tourism, managing homestays, and showcasing cultural performances, contributing to their economic independence.

● Conservation: The village's efforts in conservation have led to the prevention of illegal poaching, afforestation, and the promotion of eco-friendly practices.

● Cultural Preservation: Traditional rituals and practices are being preserved and celebrated, ensuring the continuity of the village's cultural heritage.