Silver Awardees

Lepakshi Village, Andhra Pradesh

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Lepakshi has been recognized as the Best Tourism Village 2023 in Silver Category.

In Lepakshi the time seems to slow down and its air resonates with the echoes of the past where the artisans have breathed life into its magnificent stone, of the architectural epitome, the Lepakshi.

Lepakshi with alluring depiction of its tradition and culture captures the eye of every tourist.

In a collaborative effort between Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation and the local community project SANSKRITI is initiated with the aim to develop the Rural Tourism appeal to empower the entire populace.


Lepakshi is a small hamlet, found in the Anantpur district of Andhra Pradesh, is a remarkable place to explore the art and architecture of the ancient Vijayanagara kingdom. This location is prominent for its impressive temples, monuments and captivating traditional art. Lepakshi isculturally and archaeologically significant.

The village is home to around 10,042 people, and its most important tourist attraction is the “Sri Verabhadra Swamy Temple.” Presently, the village attracts a significant number of tourists each year, with approximately 287086 domestic visitors and 510 international visitors. There are only 2 units to stay in the village, offering a total of 16 beds for tourists.


Heritage, Art and Culture(The village promotes its heritage as tourism attraction giving significant concentration towards sculpture and temple architecture. Like Hanging pillars, Monolithic Nandi with that Jatayu theme park.)


1. Monolithic Nandi Bull

2. Jatayu Theme Park

3. Veerapuram Bird Sanctuary


1. APTDC in collaboration with the locals of the village, constructed a huge Bird structure named Jatayu as an iconic monument reflecting the history of the place.

2. Project Sanskriti has been initiated with the aim to promote rural art and culture as tourist attractions. The project involves working closely with Gram Panchayat, SHGs, NGOs.

3. Lepakshi Utsavaluis a state-owned festival celebrated every year in Lepakshi, for preserving traditional Art and Culture.

4. Local government take initiative to ban the usage of single use of plastic in the village.

5. Lepakshi village has implemented waste management practices such as segregation of waste, composing and recycling to reduce the impact of excessive tourism on the environment.

6. To retain ground water table, the village panchayat took the initiative to restrict the usage of water from the pond for irrigation purpose, restricted informal fishing activities and regularized aquafarming.

7. Promotes local businesses such as handicrafts, textiles, and agriculture by showcasing them to tourists.

8. The government also taken implement of scheme DWCRA (Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas.)

9. APTDC Haritha hotel is SAATHI (System for assessment awareness and training for hospitality industry) certified by Ministry of Tourism and Quality council of India.


1. Government establishes an Amphitheatre for cultural activities there are nearly 10 families who are demanding on puppetry shows.

2. Lepakshi Utsavalu is conducted by APTDC as a part of tourism development, welcomes private collaboration and generate business opportunity and setup stalls.

3. Education Tie-ups & Guides like essay writing and organized rallies till Nandi statue.

4. Increase in collaboration of locals with AP tourism operation. Maintenance of the facilities such as car parking, public toilets etc.

5. Betterment of public health centers, fire station is also situated in the distance of 14 kms.

6. The Lepakshi village provides business development support to local entrepreneurs and small business through training, mentoring and access of finance.

7. The locals are also involved in preserving of local art and heritage by practicing leather puppetry, handlooms.

8. Gram panchayat in coordination with the handicraft department is planning to establish to promote the local made handicrafts and handlooms.

9. The village are tech savvy and are using Digital Payments for most of the commercial transaction such as UPI transactions, QR Scans and Bank transfer.