Gold Awardees

Madla Village, Madhya Pradesh

- Description

Madla, gateway to Panna National Park, has been recognized as Best Tourism Village 2023 in Gold category.

Madla, situated in the lap of Vindhyas on the bank of Ken river, is a treasure trove of a wide spectrum of experiences to offer containing wildlife, nature, heritage, culture and so on.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board under the Responsible tourism mission has worked efficiently to develop the village responsibly and sustainably.


Madla village is located in Panna tehsil of Panna district in Madhya Pradesh, India. It is situated 20km away from Panna, which is both district & sub-district headquarter of Madla village.

The total population of the village 2553. The number of available accommodation units is 52 and number of Beds are 550. The types of accommodation are homestays, hotels and resorts.


Natural and Cultural Resource (The village is gateway of Panna National Park. Near UNESCO world heritage site Khajuraho, situated on the bank of Ken River. The village is surrounded by exotic wildlife, heritage, environmental and religious sites.)


1. Panna Tiger Reserve – 1 km

2. Pandav Fall – 7 Km

3. Raneh Fall – 9 km

4. Panna Temples – 20 km

5. Majhghwa Diamond Mine – 26 km

6. Khajuraho – 28 km


1. The village concentrate on eco-tourism based experiential activities such as farming, trekking, nature walk, Paradhi walk, farm to plate initiative etc.

2. The skill and entrepreneurship training to the community to preserve their local art craft and culture.

3. The village promote responsible tourism practices, e-vehicles and construction of homestays using vernacular architecture and local materials.

4. Promotion of sustainable farming practices.

5. Community led and community driven tourism activities and also Clean Destination Project (Solid Waste Management with community participation)

6. Responsible Souvenir Centre (Provides end to end solution, market-based design, training production, conservation and promotion.)

7. Initiative of development of village level tourism committee and capacity building of PRI members beneficiaries and stakeholders- better coordination and development of tourism.


1. Promotion of sustainable farming practices help to reduce dependency on forest for livelihood.

2. Tourism helps to convergence of the earning and opportunities for extra income.

3. 70 women trained in Souvenir center and generated revenue of Rs 7 lacs as of now.

4. The village has witnessed the visit of more than 4 lac guest last year.

5. Revenue sharing model between local governance and community initiatives.

6. Linkage with District Administration and DATCC – convergence and prioritize tourism.