Silver Awardees

Pembarthy Village, Telangana

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Pembarthy, the enchanting realm of metal crafts, has been recognized as the Best Tourism Village 2023 in Silver Category.

Pembarthi is famous for its intricate and exquisite brass ware craftsmanship. The village has a rich heritage of producing handcrafted brass item, including idols, figurines, utensils, and decorative pieces.

The forging of the craft employs the age-old traditions handed over delicately from one generation to another depicting the illusive artistry of Kakatiyas.

The joint effort of Telangana State Tourism and the local community generated opportunities and livelihood for the artisans community.


Pembarthi, a village with a population of 2000, is in a geographically strategic position in India. It is renowned for its intricate and exquisite brassware craftsmanship, which has been a traditional occupation for many villagers. Pembarthi's brassware, including idols, figurines, utensils, and decorative pieces, has earned acclaim both domestically and internationally. The village has a rich cultural heritage of crafting metal objects using traditional methods, and its artisans have passed down their skills through generations. Pembarthi has also been awarded the Geographical Indication (GI) tag for its metal craft.


Pembarthirevolves around preserving its cultural heritage and promoting tourism based on its renowned brassware craftsmanship.


● Jain Temple

● Trikuta Temple

● Palakurthy Temple

● Reddy Gudi Temple

● Angadi Veerannagudi

● Venkateshwara Swamy Temple

● Fort of SurvaypapaRaydu

● Fort and Gadis

● Zaffergadh Fort


● Geographical Indication (GI) Tag: Pembarthi's brassware craftsmanship received the GI tag from the Government of India in 2010, ensuring the protection and promotion of this cultural resource.

● Environmental Conservation: The village has its own nursery, developed under the Haritha Haram Scheme, with extensive plantation activities aimed at preserving the environment and conserving biodiversity.

● Ban on Single-Use Plastic: Pembarthi has implemented a ban on single-use plastic to protect the environment, species, and water resources.

● Solar Lights: Solar lights have been installed in place of conventional LED lights to mitigate environmental damage.

● Infrastructure Development: The village has invested in tourism infrastructure, including accommodation and visitor amenities, to promote tourism and economic sustainability.

● Skill Upgradation: Artisans receive training and skill upgradation to enhance the quality and appeal of their craftsmanship.


● Economic Growth: Pembarthi's metal craft industry and tourism generate income and employment, benefiting the local community and contributing to economic development.

● Cultural Preservation: The GI tag and continued craftsmanship pass-down protect and promote the village's cultural heritage.

● Environmental Conservation: Initiatives such as banning single-use plastic and planting trees contribute to environmental preservation.

● Social Inclusion: The village ensures that tourism benefits are distributed equitably among all sections of society, promoting social inclusion and equality.

● Women Empowerment: Women in the village are encouraged to participate in tourism-related activities and entrepreneurship, fostering gender balance.