About Pochampally

Bhoodan Pochampally is a census town in the Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district of the Indian state of Telangana. It is located in Pochampalle mandal of Bhongir division. This village is Known for woven products, especially hand-woven Ikkat sarees. There are thousands of looms in the village that produce large quantities of sarees. In 2004, Pochampalli saree also received a geographical indication (GI) tag. This village was one among the three nominated under the category of best tourism villages by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation.

The cradle of the famous and colorful saris

The village of Pochampally has many attractions, including the world famous traditionally hand-woven IKAT products, or the various attractions of pilgrimage, ecotourism, local cultural heritage, performing arts, handicrafts, and other indigenous products that showcase unique techniques. This village is located in an ideal settlement on the outskirts of a large city, Hyderabad, which benefits greatly from the weaving culture and its strong historical context. The endearing, meditative hum of the handloom immediately transports the listener into the lives of the weavers and their families.

Pochampally is the place where threads and colors come together in the hands of the skilled weavers, and then make a spectacular appearance in the marketplace in the form of beautiful saris and other clothing materials.

Over the years, Pochampally weaving has gained immense popularity, and ikat is now one of the most famous and sought-after weavings in the country. This silk village, home to more than 10,000 weaving families, has traditional looms, patterns and techniques that have existed for centuries. Ikat weaving involves an 18-step sequence of tying and dyeing sections of thread tied in an intricate pattern of predetermined colors before weaving. All Pochampally looms are hand-loomed, as it is believed that a machine can never reproduce the work of the hand. The weavers are popular for their traditional and geometric patterns in the Ikat dyeing style.

The famous Pochampally sari was granted worldwide Intellectual Property Rights protection in 2005, known as Geographical Indication (GI) Certification. Its traditional weaving has spearheaded local employment generation, improved quality of life and livelihood options for the local community. It has also reinforced the cultural significance and sense of cultural identity of the local community.

IKAT style under Geographical Indication protection
Value chain integration through innovation
Prioritizing the role of rural tourism

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