Silver Awardees

Raghurajpur Village, Odisha

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Raghurajpur, the heritage crafts village, has been recognized as the Best Tourism Village 2023 in Silver Category.

Raghurajpur is acclaimed for its well know Pattachitra painting, stone carvings and palm leaf inscriptions, traditional dances and rustic rural landscape.

Raghurajpur carries the eco-friendly soul that can be seen from its paintings painted in natural colors.

The Gram panchayat and artist community along with the NGO and State Tourism Department has made efforts inn form of Local Haat, festivals to increase the community participation and equitable distribution of tourism benefits.


Raghurajpur is a picturesque village located in the Puri district of Odisha, India. With a population of 824 people residing in approximately 190 households, this village is nestled in a serene rural setting. Its geographical coordinates are approximately 19°53'7.41"N latitude and 85°49'32.68"E longitude. Raghurajpur is renowned as a heritage crafts village, and it is celebrated for its diverse range of artistic traditions, including Pattachitra art, Tala Patra Chitra (Palm Leaf engravings), Stone Sculpture, Gotipua Semi-classical Dance, Odissi Classical Dance, Sahijata, Ram Leela, Sankirtan, Papier Mache toys, Cow dung toys, Wood Carvings, and more. The village is surrounded by green paddy fields, Betel leaf plantations, and the Bhargavi River, creating a truly rural atmosphere.


The village of Raghurajpur is best known for its Rich Heritage in Arts and Crafts. The village is a living museum of art and culture, where residents continue to practice and pass down these art forms through generations.


Raghurajpur is located near several popular tourist attractions:

1. Jagannath Puri Temple: A renowned Hindu temple in Puri dedicated to Lord Jagannath.

2. Konark Sun Temple: An iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its impressive architecture.

3. Ramachandi Beach: A pristine beach offering relaxation and natural beauty.

4. Balukhand Wildlife Sanctuary: A haven for wildlife enthusiasts and birdwatchers.

5. Astaranga Beach: Another beautiful beach for sun and sea lovers.

6. Jahaniapira Beach: A quiet and less crowded beach for a peaceful getaway.

7. Lingaraj Temple: A historic Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

8. Mukteswar Temple, Rajarani Temple, Dhauli Shanti Stupa: Other significant historical and religious sites.


● Craft Labs and DIY Labs: The village organizes workshops and exhibitions for the public to learn about traditional crafts.

● Usage of Organic Colors: Artisans use natural materials for color preparation, promoting eco-friendliness.

● Recycling: Used bottles are upcycled for handicrafts, contributing to recycling efforts.

● Rainwater Harvesting: Four ponds are used for harvesting rainwater, benefiting both the village and agriculture.


● Employment: Tourism directly employs 560 people and indirectly benefits 190 individuals, significantly improving household incomes.

● Empowerment: Self Help Groups, supported by the government, empower women in the village through handicraft production and marketing.

● Skill Development: Skilling and training programs are conducted, enhancing the expertise of villagers.

● Economic Growth: Rural tourism has increased household earnings by threefold over the past decade.