Silver Awardees

Sarodhadadar Village, Chhattisgarh

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Sarodhadadar has been recognized as the Best Tourism Village 2023 in Silver Category.

Sarodhadadar is in the amidst the picturesque Maikal range and the Bhoramdev Sanctuary containing the treasure of caves and cascades.

Sarodhadadar is the home of the magicians of the jungle, the Gond and Baiga tribe. Offering the enchanting experience of tribal culture.

The State Tourism department has established the accommodation options to facilitate the rising number of tourists.


The village is located above the ChilphiGhati, covered by aesthetic beauty of Maikal ranges. Bhoramdev Sanctuary is around the village where the jungles are full of hidden waterfalls, caves and viewpoints.

The village population of 223, and the village also provide accommodation facilities (No. of Units- 5 and No. of Beds- 166) and the types of accommodation available are Hotel Natraj, Baiga Tourist Resorts, Camping Site (Tents), and Government guests house etc.


Tribal Heritageand Natural Resource(The Gond and Baiga tribe are very famous for their knowledge of the jungle, portray the baiga tattoo art, tribal jewellery, cloth, musical instruments, paintings, and masks etc. They present a strengthened culture via music, dance forms to visitors. The queen of Maikal ChilphiGhati is the reserved natural valley giving home to many trees and animals. The Ranidhara, Arjhori and Saraidah waterfalls are situated in peripheral villages making an abundance of water bodies in the area. Bhoramdeve Sanctuary as well is preserved natural resource.)


1. The Maikal ChilpjiGhati

2. The Ranidhara, Arjhori and Saraidah waterfalls.

3. Bhoramdeve Sanctuary.


1. Eco-friendly products are used and promoted by the villagers to mitigate adverse side of tourism. Such as tourists are greeted with Beeran Garlands made of munja grass, foods are served on donapattal, bamboo mats are used and house are made of mud and pataw.

2. Plastics are restricted and the villages also conduct cleanliness drives at waterfalls and jungles around the trek routes to keep the natural resources at their best.

3. Plantation drives are also conducted with tourists to enhance their experience with nature.

4. The locals use tribal heritage as source for employment and employment, the tribal and cultural performance are organized by resorts.

5. The private local firms collaborate with government to conduct trekking and camping activities and other ecological expeditions.

6. Villagers boost rural and tribal tourism by engaging the visitors in tribal culture and traditions, performing tribal dance and music, taking them on a village walk and preparing traditional food.

7. Villagers are a major part of the implementing agency and build a strong community with the support of district administration.

8. Influencer’s meet organized alongside the Bhoramdev Mahotsav.

9. Hand Embroidery and hand painting trainings organized for the femals of Chilphi Gram Panchayat. Marketing assistance is arranged by HastvemHastkari.