Kultajpur, situated in Narnaul Tehsil, Haryana, is a village uniquely blending agriculture and tourism. With a population of 1889, it thrives on its cultural gem, Dhosi Hill—a significant Vedic period site featuring temples, a reservoir, and a fort. The village, embracing economic, social, and environmental dimensions, actively promotes rural tourism. Home to historic ashrams and known for its Ayush wellness initiatives, Kultajpur showcases a commitment to cultural conservation and sustainability. With policies fostering economic growth, social inclusion, and environmental responsibility, the village aspires to be a beacon of rural tourism development, preserving its heritage and enriching local communities.

Nearest Railway Station
The nearest railway station to the village is Narnaul Railway Station.
Nearest Airport
The nearest airport to the village is Indira Gandhi International Airport.
Nearest Roadway
The nearest bus stand to the village is Narnaul Bus Stand.

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