Bronze Awardees

Ullada Village, Tamil Nadu

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Ullada has been recognized as Best Tourism Village 2023 in Bronze category.
Ullada, a quaint village near Ooty Hill Station in Tamil Nadu, beckons with the promise of an extraordinary journey. Home to a close-knit community of 500 souls, this village is emerging as a beacon of immersive tribal tourism.

Ullada's theme is a celebration of "Tribal Tourism," a testament to its commitment to preserving the culture of the Badaga community while embracing sustainable development.

This picturesque village has taken initiatives like the formation of committees to oversee tourism to the conservation of cultural resources and environmental sustainability.

Ullada is a village on a mission – to empower its residents, preserve its heritage, its vibrant culture, and its commitment to sustainability.


Ullada, a charming village nestled near Ooty Hill Station in Tamil Nadu, has a population of 500. The village is gaining recognition for its immersive tribal tourism experiences, making it a unique destination in the region. While agriculture is the primary occupation, Ullada boasts a rich cultural heritage, stunning natural beauty, and a thriving agricultural community that still adheres to traditional ways of life. The village's proximity to Ooty Hill Station and the UNESCO World Heritage Nilgiri Mountain Railway enhances its appeal to tourists seeking cultural authenticity and natural beauty.


The villagerevolves around providing immersive “Tribal Tourism” experiences while preserving its cultural heritage, natural resources, and traditional way of life.


1. Ooty Hill Station (8 km):Ullada's proximity to Ooty Hill Station offers tourists access to a popular hill station known for its scenic beauty and cool climate.

2. Coonoor:Coonoor, another nearby attraction, provides opportunities for exploration and is famous for its tea plantations and natural landscapes.

3. Kotagiri: Kotagiri, situated in the Nilgiris, is another destination with beautiful scenery and tea estates, contributing to the regional tourism circuit.


● Committee Formation:Ullada has formed a committee in collaboration with the District Administration and Department of Tourism to oversee tourism development.

● Cultural Resource Conservation: Initiatives are in place to preserve and promote traditional Badaga community houses, attire, dances, ethnic food, and festivals, ensuring the conservation of cultural resources.

● Economic Sustainability: The village focuses on infrastructure and support services, access to finance, business training, mentorship, and empowering local artisans and vendors to promote economic sustainability.

● Environmental Sustainability:Ullada emphasizes infrastructure and support services, access to finance, business training, mentorship, and environmental sustainability to protect natural resources.

● Dedicated Committee: A dedicated committee oversees tourism development and management, including public and private sector representatives, enabling effective planning and resource allocation.


● Economic Growth: Tourism has generated livelihood opportunities, promoting entrepreneurship and investment in the village.

● Cultural Preservation: Cultural resources are conserved, including traditional practices, dances, attire, and festivals, fostering community pride and cultural appreciation.

● Empowerment: Marginalized groups are supported and empowered to participate in community development, education, and skill development.

● Community Engagement: Residents actively participate in community activities and decision-making processes, promoting inclusivity and local involvement.