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Vettaikaranpudur Village, Tamil Nadu

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Vettaikaranpudur has been recognized as Best Tourism Village 2023 in Bronze category.

Vettaikaranpudur, a hidden gem in Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu, awaits those who yearn for a journey beyond the ordinary. This village is not just a destination; it's an invitation to explore the heart and soul of eco and cultural tourism.
Vettaikaranpudur's theme is a harmonious blend of nature's grandeur and the rich depiction of Tamil Nadu's traditions.

Village is the vibrant pulse of its weekly market, where local artisans weave magic with clay figurines, bamboo baskets, and eco-friendly treasures. Cultural festivals like Kummippattu and Maasani Amman Temple celebrations beckon, offering a glimpse into the village's soul.

Vettaikaranpudur is a living story of economic growth, cultural preservation, and environmental stewardship. With every step, the village contributes to the flourishing local economy, celebrates age-old traditions, and nurtures the pristine beauty that envelops this charming village.


Vettaikaranpudur, a village in Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu, with a population of 9,650, is emerging as an immersive eco and cultural tourism destination. Nestled at the foothills of the Anaimalai hills, the village offers picturesque farmlands, a rich cultural heritage, and access to the Anaimalai Tiger Reserve and Topslip, making it an ideal destination for those seeking immersive experiences. The village primarily relies on agriculture as its key occupation but has also embraced tourism as a means of sustainable economic development.


The theme of Vettaikaranpudur'svillage is Eco and Cultural. The village seeks to preserve its natural beauty, rich local culture, and traditional Tamil Nadu lifestyle while providing livelihood opportunities through tourism and sustainable practices.


1. Anaimalai Tiger Reserve: The village's proximity to the Anaimalai Tiger Reserve offers tourists a chance to explore the rich biodiversity of the region, making it a significant natural attraction.

2. Topslip: Located just 14 kilometres away, Topslip is another nearby attraction known for its scenic beauty and wildlife.


● Weekly Market by Panchayat: The village hosts a weekly market where local artisans showcase their handicrafts, providing a platform for creativity and economic sustainability.

● Unique clay figurines, eco-friendly bamboo baskets, and sustainable products crafted by renowned potters are highlights of the local handicrafts.

● The village emphasizes eco-conscious and environmentally friendly products, supporting local artisans and sustainable practices.

● The village hosts cultural festivals like Kummippattu performances during Kaanum Pongal and Maasani Amman Temple festivals, attracting tourists and preserving heritage.

● Young artists receive guidance, ensuring the preservation of authentic techniques and cultural heritage.

● The art of weaving coconut leaves, predominantly performed by women, promotes social inclusion and traditional practices.

● The village showcases tribal activities of Kadars during various ceremonies, providing economic opportunities and preserving traditional practices.


● Economic Growth: Tourism has generated livelihood opportunities, with farm stays and local handicrafts contributing to the local economy.

● Cultural Preservation: Cultural festivals and traditional practices are sustained through tourism, fostering community pride and cultural appreciation.

● Social Inclusion: Women's involvement in weaving coconut leaves and opportunities for tribal communities contribute to social inclusion and empowerment.

● Environmental Conservation: The emphasis on eco-conscious products aligns with sustainable tourism practices, supporting the preservation of the natural environment.