Bronze Awardees

Vidyasagar Village, Tripura

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Vidyasagar has been recognized as Best Tourism Village 2023 in Bronze category.
Vidyasagar is a living example of the wonders of bamboo craftsmanship and eco-friendly tourism. Here, bamboo is more than a resource; it's a way of life. Accommodations built from locally sourced bamboo and mud blend seamlessly with modern amenities.

Traditional dance forms like the Jhumur dance, served with a side of ethnic cuisine presented in bamboo, create a sensory journey through local traditions.
The organizes awareness drives about major environmental issues such as pollution, waste management, water management, soil management, biodiversity preservation, etc.


The village has a population of 5,071 and is located at Latitude: 24.0650° N and Longitude: 91.3943° E. It is known for being a unique bamboo village with a beautiful Tea Garden, offering sustainable tourism experiences and unique accommodation with a focus on bamboo craftsmanship. The village welcomes approximately 10,000 domestic tourists and 1,200 international tourists annually.


The village's tourism theme revolves around eco-friendly and Sustainable Tourism, celebrating local cultures (Bengali, Tripuri, Shantal) through dance and cuisine, and showcasing its abundant natural resources, particularly bamboo and tea gardens.


The nearby attraction is the famous Shiva Temple located in Brahmakunda, Simna. This temple attracts many devotees who come to take a holy bath in a stream.

The traditional Brahmakunda Mela, lasting three days, is organized twice a year.


● Bamboo-Based Accommodation: The village offers accommodations in cottages built from locally procured natural resources like mud and bamboo, with modern facilities. Bamboo is used extensively in the furniture and structures, generating local employment and reviving bamboo craftsmanship.

● Cultural Showcase: The village showcases its local culture, traditions, and heritage to tourists through cultural performances like Jhumur dance, ethnic food served in bamboo, and handicrafts primarily made from bamboo.


● Economic Sustainability: The tourism sector employs 17 people directly within "Bash Gram" and indirectly supports approximately 50 individuals, with a balanced gender distribution.

● Cultural Preservation: The promotion of local culture and heritage preserves the traditions of Bengali, Tripuri, and Shantal communities.

● Environmental Conservation: The village focuses on eco-friendly practices, waste management, and raising environmental awareness among tourists.

● Social Inclusion: Tourism benefits the community by providing employment opportunities and promoting gender neutrality.