Village Ways

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From its beginnings in the foothills of the Himalayas, Village Ways has recognized that sustainability is essential to the survival of rural villages and that the best way to create economic opportunity is to encourage and build on the villagers' own strengths, skills, and knowledge to foster enterprise. In collaboration with the locals, Village ways promote low-key tourism that complements but does not replace the locals' traditional means of subsistence. Therefore, farmers continue to farm rather than give up their current livelihood to pursue tourism. Village ways make a lot of effort to get this right even though it can be a delicate act of balancing.

Village Ways is a unique kind of tourism that works in partnership with villages to create a local tourism enterprise. With the help of funding from Village Ways, villagers are able to own and manage their own tourism businesses. This type of tourism helps preserve local culture, traditions, and environment while providing economic benefits to the village. By traveling with Village Way, one can experience a unique way of traveling that helps preserve the culture and environment while giving back to the local community. Travel enthusiasts can also gain insight into the lives of villagers and learn about their history, customs, and traditions.

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