Ziro Valley

Ziro is a beautiful lovely village in the district of Lower Subansiri in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. It is on the UNESCO Tentative List for the Apatani cultural landscape. It is home to the major Apatani tribe, which also organizes one of India's most prominent music festivals, the 'Ziro Music Festival'. Furthermore, the regions comprising this district formed a part of the Lakhimpur Frontier Tract of the North-East Frontier Tract. The Lakhimpur Frontier Tract, including the western sections around it, was renamed the Balipara Frontier Tract in 1919. The district opted out of the Balipara Frontier in 1946 and was renamed Subansiri Area, with headquarters in North Lakhimpur.

In 1954, it was renamed Subansiri Frontier Division from Subansiri Area, which was based in Ziro. It was under the NEFA, one of British India's governmental agencies, until August 30, 1965. The administrative duty was transferred from External Affairs to the Minister of Home Affairs on September 31, 1965. Following that, the Subansiri Frontier Division was renamed Subansiri District, and political officers were appointed. On May 13, 1980, the Subansiri District was divided into two sections: Lower Subansiri District and Upper Subansiri District, and Ziro was included in the Lower Subansiri District.